Professional registration TMPI-PIMT 2022




The registration to the PIMT professional directory will allow you to be visible for clients and other professionals on our website. It will also allow you access to a private area where you can find specialized material for your training or professional development: articles, brochures, presentations that you can use, etc.

The registration is restricted to professionals who have done at least one level of the PIMT training, with the commitment to complete the training in the current year and perform at least 40 hours of training in PIMT every 2 years through recycling or advanced courses. Who does not complete these requirements will be removed from the directory.

The registration period is one calendar year (January-December)


  • Physiotherapists trained in PIMT will be visible by other health professionals and by society in general.
  • Allow communication between the same PIMT professionals and referral and collaboration on patients.
  • Allow access to content of interest for professional practice such as triptychs or informative documents.
  • Allow access to training and research material (articles, studies, etc.).
  • Provide the PIMT professionals with material to develop a task of prevention and education in health centers or schools.
  • Offer registrants a discount of 50% of the enrollment on the total price for the recycling of the basic training PIMT.
  • Possibility of using the PIMT logo on the professional website of each enrollee with a link to