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Pediatric respiratory physical therapy integrated with the PIMT concept

15/01/2021 @ 09:00 - 21/02/2021 @ 13:00 UTC+1

Language: Spanish
Place: Zaragoza, Spain
Date: The course starts on the 15th of January, 2021 (register at the EvolCampus platform)
Mode: Blended learning

Respiratory diseases in the pediatric population have increased sharply in developed countries, and they are the most common cause for Primary Care consultation during the first 3 years of life of the child, due to multiple factors: environmental, genetic, neonatal survival, etc. They have an influence on the quality of life of the respiratory system.

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☛ Training on the E-LEARNING PLATFORM: access to audiovisual content and exclusive documents from the 15th of JANUARY, 2021
☛ PRACTICAL training: 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th of FEBRUARY, from 9h to 18 h, and Sunday, 21st of FEBRUARY, from 9h to 13h

• Providing the physical therapists with the necessary knowledge, abilities, and skills to assess and treat respiratory dysfunctions with effective evidence-based techniques in infants and children.
• Exploring in depth the concept of PIMT and the relationship between structure and function and between respiratory function and neurodevelopment.

• Explaining the general anatomical, physiological, and biomechanical characteristics of the respiratory systems, as well as the differences in adults, children, and infants.
• Getting to know the physiopathology, signs, and symptoms of the main pediatric diseases.
• Providing knowledge on respiratory patterns in respiratory physical therapy: obstruction and restriction.
• Providing the physical therapists with the necessary knowledge and tools to carry out a full physical examination, assessment, and auscultation; and to identify the warning signs and the clinical manifestations in children with respiratory disorders (acute and/or chronic)
• Practicing auscultation techniques to become familiar with the different types of respiratory noises, and to identify their particular characteristics in the pediatric population.
• Getting to know the physiological objectives and effects of the manual and instrumental techniques of respiratory physical therapy, both of the upper and the lower respiratory tract, as well as the specific indications and contraindications for each technique.
• Improving clinical reasoning to decide what techniques must be applied and in what order, so as to guarantee the best possible treatment for patients.
• Getting to know the principles of aerosol therapy, in order to know when and how to apply it, so as to optimize the pulmonary deposition of drugs in order to teach the correct implementation of the different devices used in inhaled therapy.
• Getting to know the manual techniques on the face that can free the upper respiratory tract.
• Getting to know the relationship between the postural function and the respiratory function of the diaphragm, and the keys to stimulate it.
• Understanding the key elements of teamwork in respiratory physical therapy.
• Understanding the keys of parent orientation for the management of the disease and the basic rules for the house (hygiene, detection of signs and symptoms, levels of temperature and humidity, hydration, etc.).


Course price: €650.00

Register before the 30th of November and pay only €600.00
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Requirements:The course is open for physical therapists and last-year physical therapy students. Having completed the PIMT training is not necessary, but candidates with PIMT training will have priority.


15/01/2021 @ 09:00 UTC+1
21/02/2021 @ 13:00 UTC+1
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