Essential Training in Pediatric Integrative Manual Therapy

A course in pediatric physical therapy that really makes a difference.

Inicio: 23 de septiembre de 2022

Seminarios 1-2 presenciales: 24 al 28 enero 2024
Seminarios 3-4 presenciales: 22 al 26 de mayo 2024
Seminarios 5-6 presenciales: 16 al 20 de octubre 2024

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6 Seminarios distribuidos en 3 niveles
50 horas material online
23 horas de webinar

Materials will be available online for 12 months

Flexible learning

This course is for you if:

  • Quieres ser capaz de evaluar y tratar niños de una forma nueva y eficaz siguiendo las recomendaciones internacionales más actualizadas y la evidencia más reciente.
  • Has hecho formación en terapia manual pero no te enseñaron cómo aplicarlo en niños o bebés.
  • Tienes formación o experiencia en pediatría pero te falta herramientas para tratar a nivel articular, tisular o craneal.
Condiciones de admisión: Grado en Fisioterapia o estudiantes de último año.

The TMPI-PIMT framework provides a global and comprehensive approach to treat musculoskeletal and developmental disorders of infants and children. This method, which is applied in 12 countries, is at the global vanguard of training in pediatric physical therapy. It is part of the postgraduate training at the University of Montreal and other prestigious institutions.


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At the end of the course, you will have acquired:

  • Habilidades y conocimiento para evaluar y tratar con terapia manual disfunciones neuromusculoesqueléticas en el bebé y el niño.
  • La capacidad para evaluar y tratar de forma global las alteraciones del neurodesarrollo.
  • Habilidades de razonamiento clínico y comunicación en pediatría.

Program of the course

Throughout the course, you will learn with the following units:

Seminar 1. Neuro-orthopedic pathology of the lower limbs and the pelvis. Bone and functional development of the lower limb in infants and children.

Seminar 2. Neuro-orthopedic pathologies of the neck. Bone and functional development of the neck and the thorax in infants and children.

Seminar 3. Assessment and treatment of developmental disorders in infants and newborns.

Seminar 4. Assessment and treatment of developmental disorders in children.

Seminar 4B. Intervention in neurodevelopment.

Seminar 5. Assessment and treatment of the cranium in pediatric patients.

The names of the seminars and their contents may change during the development of the course.

The names of the seminars and their contents may change during the development of the course.

Course director

Iñaki Pastor Pons, PhD

PhD in Physical Therapy. MA in Pediatric Physical Therapy. International lecturer and speaker. Expert in pediatric care and development.

Iñaki Pastor is a pediatric physical therapist, and the Director of Physical Therapy at the Institute for Integrative Therapies of Zaragoza (Spain). He has conducted several clinical studies on plagiocephaly and neck disorders in infants, as well as studies on the reliability of anthropometric measurements in babies with cranial disorders. He is the author of Terapia manual enelsistema oculomotor [Manual therapy in the oculomotor system](2nd Ed. Elsevier, 2019), Rising to the challenges of child development(Penguin Random House, 2021), translated into 3 languages, Cómetelo a besos[Smother them with kisses] andEl desafío de crecer[The challenge of growing up] (Aurum Volatile, 2020). He completed his PhD in Physical Therapy at the University of Zaragoza (Spain), and he is a lecturer in the Master’s Degree in Pediatric Physical Therapy of the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid (Spain). He has given lectures in over 12 countries, including regular lectures in postgraduate programs of pediatric physical therapy at the University of Montreal (Canada).

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